Thomas Blackshear
In Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions, Thomas Blackshear set about to create a collection of figurines "that would portray the beauty, elegance and dignity of African Americans". It is Blackshear's dream that all Americans expand their lives spiritually, as he felt his own life has expanded by his exposure to culture and art. It has been this exposure that has broadened Thomas's goals, aspirations and self awareness. He believes all people would experience this fulfillment if they focused not on material possessions, but on the spiritual wealth that is anchored in relationships.

The collection began as a vision coupled with tremendous talent and faith, which became the essential ingredients Thomas Blackshear combined when he joined with Willitts Designs to introduce Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions in 1995. Thomas's multi-dimensional portraits of black Americans was born, filled with timeless moments celebrating the richness of relationships and the power of faith.

Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions collection is a master work of romantic symbolism. As with his paintings, these sculptures demonstrate Blackshear's incredible sense of design, unique eclectic style and extraordinary mastery of color.

Blackshear's "Ebony Visions" depicts a full range of emotions that are both powerful and at the same time subtle. He deliberately portrays his figures in a timeless setting in order to transcend a specific time, place or culture. This unique collection of limited edition figurines emphasize the beauty of the human form and symbolize universal aspirations and ideals of human kind depicted through images that reflect the unique characteristics of the African American culture.

Blackshear's unique style, influenced by both Art Nouveau and African culture, is appropriately termed Afro Nouveau.

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